Costs of Obtaining Dominica Citizenship


Acquiring citizenship in Dominica through its Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) involves various costs apart from the required contribution amount. It is essential to understand the additional expenses associated with obtaining Dominica citizenship. Let's explore the costs involved in the application process.

 Besides the contribution amount, what else is included in the costs of obtaining Dominica citizenship?

Cost Components of Dominica Citizenship

When considering the costs of obtaining Dominica citizenship, it is important to take into account the following components:

  • 1. Government Fees - In addition to the required contribution amount, the Dominican government imposes various fees as part of the application process. These fees typically cover due diligence checks, processing, and administrative costs.
  • 2. Legal and Professional Fees - Engaging the services of a reputable legal professional or authorized agent is crucial for a smooth and successful application process. These professionals provide guidance, assist in document preparation, and ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. Their fees vary and should be considered as part of the overall costs.
  • 3. Real Estate Investment Costs - If an applicant chooses the real estate investment option within the CIP, there will be costs associated with the purchase of the approved property. These costs include the purchase price of the property, legal fees for property transactions, and any additional expenses related to property ownership, such as maintenance fees or property management fees.
  • 4. Due Diligence Fees - As part of the application process, the Dominican government conducts thorough due diligence checks on the applicants and their dependents over the age of 16. These checks are essential to ensure the integrity and credibility of the citizenship program. Applicants are typically responsible for the due diligence fees, which vary depending on the number of applicants and their ages.
  • 5. Passport and ID Card Fees - Once citizenship is granted, applicants will need to pay for the issuance of their Dominican passport and national identification card. These fees cover the production and processing of the necessary documents.
  • 6. Additional Costs - Applicants may encounter other miscellaneous expenses during the application process, such as document translations, courier services, and travel expenses for visits to Dominica or consular services.

Planning and Budgeting

Considering the various costs associated with obtaining Dominica citizenship, it is advisable to plan and budget accordingly. Understanding the complete financial picture allows applicants to make informed decisions and ensures a smooth application process without any unexpected financial burdens.


Obtaining Dominica citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment Program involves more than just the contribution amount. Government fees, legal and professional fees, real estate investment costs, due diligence fees, passport and ID card fees, and other miscellaneous expenses contribute to the overall costs. By understanding and considering these components, applicants can effectively plan and budget for the financial requirements associated with obtaining Dominica citizenship.

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